TOP About Us Mission


KU-ORCAS will provide a digital archive, openly accessible to the global community where information about research resources, research groups, and research know-how is public so that the university’s wisdom is truly accessible to the broader society. Resources will be offered not only to East Asian studies specialists but also to local government bodies, researchers from other fields, industries, and citizens. It aims to give back to society by discovering fresh values in the domain of humanities.

Openness of research resources

It’s true that libraries and institutions all over the world hold precious materials and rare collections, but most of them are not actually accessible to non-specialists. Therefore, KU-ORCAS aims to make resources available freely, even to non-specialists, by providing a comprehensive database of the number and types of resources at various institutions.

Openness of research groups

KU-ORCAS is building a platform where diverse opinions and knowledge can be exchanged, actively engaging even with outside researchers who are not part of current research projects. It is also using crowdsourcing technology to build up an archive where fellow citizens can participate.

Opening access to research know-how

We are also setting up a common platform where all could share ideas about using digital archives and its benefits, with the ultimate aim of reforming our usually guarded research working styles. By offering such a platform where people from diverse organizations and different walks of lives could freely participate, we are confident we can disrupt the humanities field, which will lead to re-recognizing the significance and value of cultural studies.