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Kansai University, with its glorious past and outstanding academic accomplishments, has amassed a rich treasure of resources in the fields of Japanese and Asian Studies. Kansai University introduced “Studies on Cultural Negotiations” as an academic program for the first time. We established the Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia, which has played an instrumental role in developing this new academic field. Over the last decade, this academic body has promoted academic exchanges between well-known and younger researchers.
Our exceptional achievements in East Asian cultural studies are our strength. and the source of our confidence. KU-ORCAS is setting up a unique Digital Achieve, which will serve as an open “space” for the society. Through this open platform, we will strive for further academic excellence.

International Collaborations

Kansai University has academic agreements with Beijing Foreign Studies University and the Università degli Studi di Roma, “La Sapienza”. In September 2017, all three universities entered into an agreement with the Vatican Library to conduct research on the latter’s East Asian collections. We also collaborate with prominent universities all over the world, working not only on our own resources but also on related collections of other universities.
Moreover, we are building a hub connecting several individual digital archives hosted by various institutions in compliance with IIIF(International Image Interoperability Framework)standards. It will allow users to perform cross database queries from a single platform, revolutionizing research opportunities in the field of East Asian studies.

KU-ORCAS’s International Academic Network