TOP Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy

Open Access Policy


  • KANSAI UNIVERSITY OPEN RESEARCH CENTER for ASIAN STUDIES (hereafter, “KU-ORCAS”) adopts the after mentioned policy in order to assure open access to the published research products of KU-ORCAS through the internet. KU-ORCAS, through this policy aims to achieve the institute’s stated mission that is to make “knowledge of the university openly available to the entire society.”
  • (Publication of Research Result)

  • KU-ORCAS will make Research Results of Faculty Members (including Postdoctoral Fellows and Visiting Researchers, hereafter collectively referred to as "Faculty Members" ) available to the public on the internet via the Kansai University Repository (hereinafter referred to as the “Repository”). The term “Research Result” includes scholarly information as represented by scholarly articles authored by Faculty Members and published in scholarly journals of commercial publishers, academic societies or university departments. However, the ownership of the copyright of the Research Results will not be transferred to KU-ORCAS and Kansai University.
  • (Exception)

  • Kansai University will not make those Research Results available to the public where concerned Faculty Member considers it is inappropriate to do so due to any compelling reasons such as copyright and licensing restrictions.
  • (Non-retroactive)

  • This Policy, however, will not apply to those Research Results which were published prior to this policy came into effect or the Research Results where a Faculty Member entered into an incompatible licensing agreement prior to the implementation of this policy.
  • (Registering data to Repository)

  • Faculty Members will submit appropriate version of their Research Results, such as the author’s final version consented by the publisher, to the university Repository as soon as possible. All matters concerning the Repository such as data registration and making them public will be governed by the Repository Guidelines of Kansai University.
  • (Others)

  • All other matters concerning Open Access unstated in this Policy will be discussed mutually among the parties involved to reach a final decision.
  • Revision or Repeal of this policy will be determined by the Director of KU-ORCAS, after deliberations in KU-ORCAS Management Committee.